What Do People Say About Your Home When You’re Not There?

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We all know that putting our home on the market is like putting a piece of ourselves out in the world to be judged. While we think that most of the reactions will consist of oohs and aahs, this is not always the case. Many people will have different tastes than us and that is ok. Here are some different scenarios that Realtors experience and ways you can fix them!


Nothing is worse than walking into a home, taking one whiff and wanting to leave. Buyers tend to make their first impression with their nose. Here are some examples to avoid!

“Ugh, this place smells like a cat, dog, ferret, hamster, etc.” Keep pet odors in check by regularly grooming your pet, cleaning up after them and making sure you are cleaning up after accidents.dog-cat-napping“I can tell they smoke; I’m out.” Tobacco is a huge turn off for most buyers. If you do smoke, keep it to an outside activity. You also will want to deep clean carpets and any other fabrics that might trap the scent before any open houses or showings.

“Do they run a seafood restaurant in here?!” Even planning your home menu around showing your home is imperative! Fish and other cooking smells are sensitive to most people. On the other hand, baking cookies or other pastry items has a positive effect!


The next impressions buyers will encounter is taking a look around. What are the obvious things they are noticing? Keeping your house neat and uncluttered would be a huge advantage here.

“Adults live here?” You and your children may be obsessed with your Toy Story themed bathroom or the Star Wars figurines lining your kitchen counter, but these are a huge turn off for buyers. Try sticking to neutral décor so that potential buyers aren’t distracted by your “Frozen” king-sized bed spread.shutterstock_447557734“I feel like I am in a cave.” Dark and depressing rooms are an instant mood killer. Easy fix is to open up all of your curtains and blinds! Let the light in! If your home doesn’t have that many natural light options, make sure to turn on some lights. Buyers don’t care if they are basking in sunlight or lamplight as long as it is bright!

“If only these walls were a different color.” Today’s buyer gets caught up on paint color. They want to be able to walk in and not do a thing. Don’t miss an opportunity to get top dollar for your home! Buy the inexpensive neutral paint and get your home sold faster!

 Digging Deep

Buyers like to take stock of the entire home, and that includes opening drawers, cupboards and cabinets! They like to take a peek at anything that will help them make a decision about the home.

“Wow, these people take a lot of meds.” You’ve been warned! Buyers are snoopy, and they may have some commentary on your medicine cabinet. Skip the hassle and put your meds in your bedside stand (even the most prying buyer usually won’t go in there!) or somewhere else safe.

“I don’t know where you’ll keep your clothes honey!” Ah the classic, ‘the closet is too small for both of us’ joke. Do yourself a favor and empty out half of whatever is in your closet and store it somewhere else. This will make the closet look huge and that storage space is abundant!

While as the seller you won’t be there for the actual showing or walk-through, your Shorewest, REALTOR® will be and will relay these reactions back to you. These are huge turn offs for buyers but easy fixes for sellers! Get top dollar for your home and make sure that it is ready to sell by following these tips and tricks. #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestTips #SellerTips

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