Trend Watch: 2017 Paint Colors

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So what is the forecasted color for 2017? It seems to be a few different colors according to different paint companies. We’ll look at four contrasting colors to see what the future holds!


If you are tired of grays and whites dominating the color scheme say hello to Poised Taupe! It brings together what people love about cool gray as a neutral and the warm feeling of brown. Its color is timeless that can be modern, classic or weathered and woodsy.

Benjamin Moore

Ushering in the dramatic, Benjamin Moore chose Shadow as their 2017 Color of the Year. It’s a rich, royal amethyst that is a “master of ambience”. Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director says that, “It is a color that calls to mind a past yet it can also make a contemporary, color-confident statement.”


Keeping it calm and cool for 2017 is the color Byzantine Blue, which is described as a serene gray, violet and blue. This choice is appealing for its wide range of perception. Paired with dark neutrals, it feels grayer although with whites it appears bluer or purple truly making it a transcendent color.


Find retreat in the color Cloudberry in 2017. The hue is meant to create a space for mindfulness and meditation, inspiring more focus and less stress. This color will reflects society’s need for a separate space from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Cloudberry promotes connectedness and balance in your home.

It would seem that paint colors are straying away from the classic white and grey we have been accustomed to. Looks like a splash of color may just be what the doctor ordered! Make today a colorful day and pick out one of these for an accent wall or a whole room, you may be surprised to see how much you enjoy it. Let us know if you like one, two or all of them! #ShorewestRealtors #TrendWatch #PaintColors

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