Trend Watch: 2017 Kitchens

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The beginning of 2017 signals out with the old and in with the new! Looking back at 2016 there were some great trends and some things we will be glad to see head out the door.  Let’s check out some of the biggest trends to hit our kitchens in 2017!shutterstock_494069871. Tuxedo kitchens. You may not know this term now but you soon will!! Tuxedo kitchens refer to the color blocking technique of having the top cabinets be white while the lower ones are a darker color. Essentially monochromatic color-blocking for an elegant and simple look!
2. Making everything easier with technology is the name of the game for 2017! Faucets that turn on and off without touching them, sensor-activated lights, meat thermometers that alert your phone to when dinner is ready, there is no doubt that kitchen technology has stepped it up a notch!shutterstock_86009729
3. Go for the bronze.
The bronze/copper/rose gold movement is still happening! These fun accents can dress up a kitchen and add fun focal points throughout. They also add a warm tone to the space.
4. Hidden appliances. Ready to hide some of your bigger appliances to create a clean, uncluttered look? 2017 is ready! This trend uses smart storage spaces or cabinetry for illusion.shutterstock_759699685. Throwback Thursday is now every day. Older appliances are making a comeback and in a big way. Retro fridges, stoves and more are making an appearance in the kitchen. They blend in better with the whiter kitchen aesthetic as well.

What’s on the out list? Short cabinetry, speckled granite and dark brown wood cabinets to name a few! Do you think it’s time to update your kitchen? Talk to Shorewest, REALTOR® on what would work best for your home and also what will give the best return upon investment! #ShorewestRealtors #TrendWatch #Kitchens

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