Shorewest Shares: What To Do As A New Homeowner

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You are a new homeowner and are eager and excited to begin customizing your new abode to your liking! However, don’t get too excited that you forget to the basics of homeownership before you begin your projects. Here is a list of things you should you know about your home BEFORE starting your home improvement projects:

1. Know where the main water shutoff valve. Whether water is bursting from a pipe, or a pipe broke altogether, it’s only a matter of minutes before everything in sight is soaking wet. Make sure you learn where your water shutoff valve is located and how to turn it off.

2. Call 811 before digging a hole. Don’t start your spring gardening and landscaping until you dial 811. The national dig-safely hotline will contact all of your local utilities who will come to mark the location of underground pipes, cables and wires.

3. Know the slope of your foundation. It’s important to make sure that water from rain and melting snow doesn’t soak the soil around your foundation walls. This can build up pressure that can cause leaks and cracks to your foundation, which is extremely expensive. Make sure your foundation slopes at least six inches away from your foundation. Downspouts should extend at least five feet away from your home.

4. Know your walls. Hanging artwork, making new shelves or customizing your closet — it’s important to know what’s hiding inside your walls. A stud sensor can help you determine if there are plumbing pipes, duct work, wires, cables or studs in your walls. Try to stay clear of vertical locations above and below wall switches.

5. Know your landscape’s worth. Trees help preserve property values and provide shade that cuts energy bills. If you must have a tree down, contact a professional. Before taking down a rock wall, check to see if it is actually a retainer wall. The homeowner’s before you might have made some decisions for function over fun.

Talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® about if a project will help or hurt your home’s value. Congratulations on your new adventure! #ShorewestRealtors #Homeownership

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