Shorewest Shares: First-Time Home Buyers Series — Negotiations and What You Should Expect

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If you are a first-time home buyer getting ready to purchase a new house, negotiations are an important part of sealing the deal. But what can you expect? Here are some great tips on what to expect during a negotiation:

  1. 1. Your Shorewest Sales Associate has a responsibility to represent you during this process, along with a legal and ethical obligation within real estate laws.

2. It’s a give-and-take negotiation. During negotiations, agents will try to find a path that leaves both the seller and buyer feeling like they have won. Your Shorewest Sales Associate will present your case for a lower price or for the seller to pay for repairs in a logical way that doesn’t attack the seller.

3. There are lots of decisions to be made: whether appliances are staying, things you can and cannot live without, who pays for the lead test, etc.

4. Your Shorewest Sales Associate will have more communication with you during this process. Your agent will act as a facilitator and help you strengthen your points. Your agent will not negotiate without contacting you first — it’s your deal.

5. The negotiation process can be drawn out, but there are multiple parties involved and the decisions need to travel through all. Your agent will verbally negotiate and also follow up with written negotiation. Once everything is agreed upon, the changes will then need to be marked in the Purchase Offer documents.

Negotiating doesn’t have to be scary — approach it as you would any other serious decision by doing your homework, establish your limits and must-have items. But most importantly, trust your Shorewest Sales Associate.

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