Shorewest Shares 23 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes to Make Your House More Saleable

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You’re ready to sell your house. You spent the time updating your house and making little fixes. If your house is already listed but hasn’t sold yet, these quick adjustments you can do in 10 minutes or less may help.

  1. Dust. Dust bunnies don’t sell homes. Take a rag and quick dust before an open house or a showing.
  1. Change your welcome mat. A fresh, new mat provides a warm welcome.
  1. Make your bed. It instantly pulls together the entire room.
  1. Clean off your counters. This goes for the bathrooms and kitchen. Potential buyers want to see themselves in their new space, not how you live stage your stuff.
  1. De-clutter. The point is to show potential buyers how much space you have, not how much stuff you have.
  1. Detach yourself from your home. Staging your home takes the focus off of your stuff, and puts the potential new buyers in your home.
  1. Wax your floors.
  1. Fold your linens. Potential new buyers will want to see the storage of your home. They WILL look in the closets to see exactly that.
  1. Hang everything neatly.
  1. Do a light bulb check. A burned-out light bulb could be a deal killer if the buyer jumps to the conclusion that other things may have been overlooked.
  1. Clean your medicine cabinet. Personal prescriptions will be seen when your potential buyer checks your medicine cabinet.
  1. Turn on the lights. If you have an open house or a showing, turn on the lights, allowing your potential buyer to see what your house really has to offer.
  1. Anchor your rugs. You don’t want any potential buyers to accidentally slip.
  1. Clean your toilets.
  1. Put out fresh towels. If a potential buyer has to use the restroom, they have a fresh towel to dry their hands on.
  1. Clean up after your dog. You don’t want your potential buyer to accidentally step in something that could ruin their opinion of your house.
  1. Put the toys away. Add a couple of storage baskets to your playroom to make it look tidy.
  1. Relocate your clothes and shoes. Buyers will snoop in your closets, so neatly organize your clothes. You can even remove out-of-season clothes, allowing your closet to seem bigger.
  1. Get rid of the smell. Clean the cat’s litter box, remove gym sneakers and spray an air freshener.
  1. Do a wall check. Make sure your pictures are straight.
  1. Fluff your pillows.
  1. De-personalize your space. Gather up family photos, mementos, etc. that draw attention away from the space.
  1. Focus on the front. Make sure the first impression of your house is a good one.


Your Shorewest Agent can help you stage your house, making first impressions the best for potential buyers. To contact a Shorewest Agent, click here.



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