Shorewest Shares: 11 Tips To Help Sell Your House When You Have A Pet

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According to the 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics, 36.5% of households own dogs and 30.4% own cats. Your furry friends are a huge part of your family — however, they can significantly reduce your home’s value. Removing your pet’s personal belongings (and yours, too) will help increase the selling potential of your home.

Here are 11 tips to help sell your home when you have a pet:

1. Relocate your pet when trying to sell your home. The best way to keep your pet happy and healthy is relocating them to a space they can call their own.

2. Take your pet with you when there’s a scheduled showing. Don’t have a potential seller try to picture themselves at your home when part of your family is still there.

3. Remove pet odor with an enzymatic cleaner (and not a plug-in diffuser). A potential buyer doesn’t want to smell your furry friend, especially if they have an allergy.

4. Remove carpet stains and damaged floors.

5. Remove litter boxes. Your potential buyer might have a difficult time imagining themselves living in your home if your pet’s personal things are still out.

6. Put pet toys, food bowls, scratching posts away.

7. Remove personal photos, including those of your pet.

8. Double check that your pets aren’t in any listing photos of your home.

9. Clean the yard. Your potential buyer will have a hard time focusing on what your yard has to offer, if there’s evidence of your furry friend still visible.

10. Hire a landscaper to spruce up the yard.

11. Ensure that there are no fleas in your home. Chances are if you pet had fleas, so does your home.

When you’re ready to sell your home, contact a Shorewest Agent today.

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