Shorewest Releases New TV Commercials Promoting Website

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He’s back! Shorewest, Realtors® new media campaign brings back a familiar face. Sean Sweeney, aka the Yodeler, is one of the key characters in Shorewest’s new television campaign promoting its newly designed website — The famous Yodeler commercial was instrumental in helping Shorewest transition to its new name from Wauwatosa Realty 15 years ago.

“We knew we wanted to launch the website in a big way and decided it was time to be back on TV,” says Joseph A. Horning, president of Shorewest. “So, we went to someone who not only knows us but has done the best creative work for us in the history of our company. Tom Dixon, the creative director behind the Yodeler commercial, is the creative director on our new campaign as well.”

“For those who recall the Yodeler commercial, they won’t have any problems recognizing Sean in the new Shorewest spots,” says Tom Dixon, of Tom Dixon Creative. “He hasn’t changed at all and is funnier than ever!”

Shorewest filmed three separate television commercials. Two of the commercials started airing Sunday night, Oct. 7. The campaign is scheduled to run through early December on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and Shorewest TV channel 58.4.

You can watch our new airline and ultrasound commercials on or visit our YouTube channel and see all of our videos.

We also created a 15-second commercial. However, due to what some may believe is too sensitive to air on TV, we have released the video on-line only on our Facebook page. Tom Dixon Creative says, “The absurdity of this 15-second commercial is hilarious. But let’s let the public decide whether it crosses the line or not.” Watch our new commercial and comment: Should we air this on TV?

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