Shorewest Recommends These Tips When Moving With Children

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You bought your dream house and are eagerly waiting to move in. Are you excited and happy about moving? Or are you dreading the sort, packing and other chores? Children absorb enthusiasm like a sponge —if you look at moving as an exciting adventure, then you’re halfway to getting your children on board.

Most children don’t like changes associated with moving. They tend to focus on losing the security they’re used to, and they worry about missing friends and family. Shorewest recommends these tips when moving with children:

  1. Communicate with your child patiently and frequently. Let your children know, step by step, what is happening and what will happen. Tell them what the move means to the family.
  1. List all the advantages there are for the child in the move. For example, will the family be closer to Grandma, the ocean, or another favorite person, place or activity?
  1. Show the child as much as you can about the new home. When you show your child his/her room, bath and play area make a game of it by asking where certain favorite toys or furniture should go. Have fun by showing your child the new house plans, or draw them yourself and let your child cut out furniture and toys to place in the rooms. Show your child a typical day in the home as you go from room to room.
  2. Introduce your child to the new community online. Draw a map, and show how close Mommy and Daddy work, where schools are, where Aunt Beth lives and other points of interest to help them orient themselves in their new surroundings.
  1. Be ready for those “What about me?” questions. If your child is in scouts, little league, or other organizations, contact those associations for referrals in your new neighborhood or city.
  1. Let your child participate. Make a fun activity out of researching services you’ll need online, like finding a new veterinarian for your dog.
  1. Keep your child occupied by letting them plan and pack a box or two of their special things. Consider their input on new decor and the layout of their new rooms.
  1. Try to stick to normal routines as much as possible. Let your children know that, although they will soon live in a new house, the rules of the household will still be the same.
  1. On moving day, have a bag packed of personal belongings for each member of the family, being careful to include medications, clothes and personal items.

Your preparedness will go a long way in reassuring your children that their needs are being considered, even while big changes are happening around them.

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