How To Close Your Pool For The Season

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pool-1Fall has officially begun and  it’s time to close down your pool for the season. It’s important to properly close your pool to protect it from damage in the winter and result in lower maintenance when warm weather returns. Here are some tips to close your pool:

1. Check the water. One week before you close your pool for the season, bring your pool pH, pool alkalinity and calcium hardness in line. Once in line, shock the pool with chlorine.

2. Remove accessories. Remove any skimmer baskets, heaters, slides, wall fittings, vacuums, pool cleaners, ladders, hand rails, etc. Scoop any debris out.

3. Clean the filter. Give your pool one final brush and vacuum to end the season. Make sure you wash the filter.


4. Lower the water level. Using your filter pump, lower your pool water to below the lowest plumbing line. Once the water level is lower, remove the above ground pool skimmer.

5. Drain. Drain your pump, filter, heater and chlorinator. Pull the plugs out of each one of these and keep out. If you plug them back in and water gets to them, they might freeze and cause your equipment to crack.

6. Empty your chemical feeder. You can damage your equipment if you leave chemicals in your chemical feeder.

7. Cover. Use a solid pool cover that keeps out the sun and debris. An air pillow is an added recommendation to keep debris from stacking on top of your pool cover.

If you need help closing your pool for the season, call your Shorewest, REALTOR® for a recommendation today!

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