Thinking about Moving in the New Year? Purge these Eight Things Now!

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Thinking about listing your home for sale in the New Year? To make your impending move less daunting, we have compiled a list of things that you can get rid of before you move! This will save you time and frustration when you get to your new home as you won’t have to go through everything there.Facebook Share Image 12_20When going through your things think of these three points, does this item provide function, aesthetic or sentimental purpose? If it does one of these things, then you can keep it! You will be surprised at how much in your home you can get rid of!

  1. 1. Kitchen appliances. When is the last time you used your dehydrator? Or juicer? Or quesadilla maker? If those appliances haven’t hit the kitchen counter in at least one year, it is time for them to go! Think of how much space that will free up!
  2. 2. Old linens including towels. When was the last time you bought new towels? Was it for your last move? It’s time to move them to the rag pile and buy new ones at your new home. While you’re at it, when was the last time you bought new bed sheets? You can now use those for drop cloths or for protecting tables for craft time. Plus over time, sweat and oil can create unpleasant stains.
  3. 3. Clothes. When you start going through your clothes, make a keep, toss and a donate pile. However there is a catch…once you put something in the toss or donate pile, it needs to stay there! Your first instinct is correct, if you haven’t worn those jeans in five years, chances are you aren’t going to wear them again.
  4. 4. Clutter. Time to go through and ask yourself why you have 30 snow globes when you never put them out anymore. Piles of extra spatulas when you know you only use two of them. Look for cheap souvenirs or duplicates and get rid of them!
  5. 5. Products. When going through your pantry closet, under the sink or your makeup items, how many of these bottles are so old you can’t remember when you bought them? Time to purge half-used products, old ones, and things you know you will never use.
  6. 6. Extra furniture. Sure you appreciate that Aunt Barb loaded up your house with the older furniture she doesn’t use anymore, but do you still want that for your new home? Fillers of old coffee tables that don’t match or those rummage sale lamps you bought just to have something, have no place in your new home. Take what you absolutely love and then take the time to buy slowly and truly figure out your next floor plan. Plus imagine how much less you will have to move!
  7. 7. Old electronics. When your second cabinet is full to the brim with old USB cords, camcorders, charging devices and cables, it’s time to go through and dump. Get rid of duplicates, organize what you actually use, and safely recycle the rest.
  8. 8. Paperwork. Remember that old filing cabinet you use to store every piece of paper ever? Yeah, time to go through that! Important documents like tax records, closing documents, recent bank statements, etc. will need to come with you. But you should be able to get rid of a lot!

Doing the work now will make it so much easier when it is time to list your home! You will so appreciate the time you took to go through everything and getting rid of what you don’t need. Take our advice and do a little sorting and organizing before, you will thank yourself time and time again!

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