Shorewest’s Shares How to: Make My Home More Energy Efficient in the Summer

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Before it gets too warm, it’s time to make sure your home is ready for the hot weather. Summer months can bring some of the highest energy costs of the year — with the highest demand for air conditioning. Keeping your home comfortable can be expensive, but it can also be dangerous. If your air conditioner runs too often, it can stress your home’s electric system and put you at risk for shock or fire. To avoid a tragedy and save money, Safe Electricity has the following tips for energy efficiency this summer:

Update your insulation. This will keep cool air in your home and hot air out. You can add more insulation on top of existing insulation in your attic.
Ventilate the attic. When the outside temperature is in the 90s, your attic can easily reach 140 degrees. Adequately sized vents and/or an attic fan can keep hot air from building up.
Get the air conditioner ready. Shut off power to the unit before cleaning it. On the inside, wash or vacuum cleanable filtors, replace disposable ones. Outside, clean leaves and other debris away from the condensing unit. Hose off any accumulated dirt.
Put a timer on the programmable thermostat on your air conditioner. Leave it on a higher temperature while you’re away, and set it to cool the house half an hour before you return home.
Install awnings over windows exposed to direct sunlight. This will keep sunlight out, and not expose rooms to the heat associated with the sun.
Consider installing ceiling fans. On moderately warm days, a ceiling fan may be enough to keep you comfortable. On warmer days, you can decrease your air conditioner use by using a fan.

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