Shorewest Shares: Garden Tips —Three Ways to Naturally Kill Weeds

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Spring has already arrived in Southeastern Wisconsin — flowers are blooming, lawns are being mowed and weeds are in now in season. You can get rid of your weeds with chemicals, but you are also tainting the ground with poison, which can affect the surrounding soil too. Here are three ways to naturally kill weeds:

1. Vodka. Add one cup of vodka, six cups water and a few drops of dish soap to a spray bottle. This is the perfect solution for weeds in direct sunlight. Spray directly onto the weeds and within a few hours the weeds will dry out and shrivel up. Be careful and ONLY spray the solution onto the weed, as It will kill other plants and grass it contacts.

2. Vinegar. Use vinegar on fresh weeds to kill them. Pour a small amount directly on the weeds and within a few days they will turn burn.

3. Boiled hot water. Pour hot water directly over the weeds. Within a few hours they are dead and you can pull them.

To keep weeds from popping up, keep your mulch within three-to-four inches deep. If you just pulled weeds from a certain area, lay down newspaper to keep the weeds away.

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