Five Ways to Change Your Fireplace for the Summer!

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Wisconsinites agree that there is nothing better than a crackling fire in the middle of winter. But right now we are in the middle of a heat flash in summer and that fireplace is sitting dormant. Fireplaces serve as a focal point in the room but in the summer they should not still be decorated with tinsel and ornaments. They need to change with the season too!

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1. Add fresh flowers or plants. The easiest way to liven up a space would be with your favorite blooms and botanicals! Feel free to use real or fake flowers, making sure to dust if they are fake. Fill up the mantle or add one cluster for a pop of color. The possibilities are endless!
2. Place candles in the hearth or on top of the mantel for a warm summer glow. When you are missing the warm, crackling feeling of a winter fire, a citrusy summer candle can emulate this. Feel free to glam it up with fun candle holders or keep it simple with none.

3. Join color and literature with bright-colored books as an accent. Summer is the season for lazy reading on the beach, but what to do with all of those books? Built-ins are perfect place to store and display your literary heart with the world. Match by color to make a statement or your organizational self can go crazy with sizes, shapes or even by author!

4. Have interchangeable fire screens. Just because there will be no fire doesn’t mean that the hearth can be ignored. Try a fun spin on a tree, books, your family name… anything can be made into a metal grate. It is a great reflection on your personality and sense of style.

5. Go for natural light by adding a mirror. Summer is a wonderful season with extra hours of enjoyment in the daylight. Natural sunlight is the best way to light your home, and a mirror will actually reflect all of that extra light and make your space feel even bigger!

Your fireplace doesn’t have to be cast aside during the warmer months. It can still be a talking point of your house if you know how to dress it up for the season! Take some or all of these tips to mind when you are looking at your current space. #ShorewestRealtors #Decorate #Home #Fireplace

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