Another Wisconsin Mortgage Success Story!

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On December 21st, I called Amy Canada of Wisconsin Mortgage in a panic to
ask about a client who had just gotten a loan denial from their long term
lender. I described the situation to her: nice couple with equity,
savings, two solid incomes, down sizing from their current, very salable
home to a condo with a value at least $100,000 more than what we
negotiated, needing to qualify on both homes until they sell their current
home. They had been denied on the previous conventional loan due to income
ratios just a few percent too high to qualify for both properties, and
contractually we needed to close by December 31st if we were going to keep
the deal alive. It didn’t look good for my clients, so to play it safe I
called 2 other lenders to see what they could do. Both of them replied
that with the ratios and their new guidelines it couldn’t be done. Amy’s
response: “With an FHA loan and their numbers I think I can make it happen,
but probably not before the 31st.”

On December 30th, she gave me loan commitment and we closed on the 31st
(in 10 days!) to the delight of the buyers, the other agent, and the frail
sellers with plane tickets back to Florida, and myself, of course.

The buyers thanked me at the walk through for putting them in contact with
Amy who had worked diligently and professionally, staying in close contact
with their former loan officer as well as themselves. She was available by
cell phone, email and probably worked very long, difficult hours
creatively fighting for this deal.

I would like to say thank you to her, and for all of you to know what a
blessing she has been to my business, my clients, our office and my peace
of mind! I look forward to doing business with her again and again, as
when she says, “I’m on it,” we can all rest assured that if it can be
done, Amy will get it done!

-Patti Kunkel, Brookfield/Waukesha Shorewest Realtors

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